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zombie movies/fiction

What do you think of the threat of zombies?

Seriously, I would like to discuss the prevalence of zombies in apocalyptic scenarios. We all know where that comes from, right? Other than the obvious psychological explanations -- the fear of death and the fear of losing one's humanity. What I really love about the zombie craze is that it is such an obvious criticism of man as his own worst enemy -- he is his own death, disease, and decay. This is explored very well in the movie 28 Days Later, with the zombie that is chained up in the back of the military compound so that the survivors who have gathered there can see how long he will live. It's such a clever metaphor. I think my favorite zombie movie will always be Night of the Living Dead though.

In Norse Mythology, the army of the dead is destined to march out of Hel, led by Loki, the trickster god, once the Ragnarok, or the end of time, has come to pass. In Christianity, too, there is the second coming, and with it, the end of the world and the reclaiming of earthly bodies from the grave. Dante does a lovely thing with this in his potrayal of hell in The Inferno, when it is discovered that those who are in hell for committing suicide have become trees and when the end of time comes, their spirits will drag their earthly bodies back to those trees to be crucified for eternity.

Does anyone have any comments on the religious, psychological, or philosophical implications of ZOMBIE-dom? Also, please mention any zombie movies that you'd like to recommend or discuss.
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