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Canticle discussion

So I'm discussing the May book in June, deal with it. :)

Dale says, "I think Canticle is, overall, a marvelous portrayal of the best and worst in humankind, of hope as man's greatest asset as well as his greatest liability, and of knowledge as power and power's tendency to corrupt."

I agree with this. However, I think this book could well have taken place in a normal Medieval setting. The post-apocalyptic elements seemed tacked on, unnecessary to the story. I'm sure this was done partly on purpose, giving it a Chaucerian, Canterbury Tales-type feel, but I didn't like it. Also, as soon as I knew enough to develop empathy for one of the main characters, oops!, he died, making the flow of reading choppy and disjointed. I took the liberty of doing some side-reading of Miller's short stories, and I did like some of those, but Canticle didn't really catch and hold me.

I won't be reading Wild Horse Woman (I think I've read my quota of Miller for a while), but I'll start on the July book early instead.
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