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I am currently reading Nick Sagan's (yep, Carl's son) series. Just finished the first book, Idlewild, and will be moving along to Edenborn later this evening. Everfree is the third, just released on May 16th. Idlewild owes much to the basic concepts of The Matrix, and was a good, quick read.

I will also be seeing Luc Besson's (Fifth Element) latest project, District B-13, again tonight - second time! The action is amazing, the story is good - Paris in 2010, the government has walled off the ghetto and it is now overrun by gangs and thugs - and I found it really entertaining. It didn't hurt that the two leading men were easy on the eyes, and the little sister character was a charming badass. :) The action is based on the French sport of "parkour", which is brother to what we call "free running" on this side of the pond. They make it look fluid and effortless, just jaw-dropping. Highly recommended.
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