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reading list

These LJ communities seem to die off pretty predictably without a little form 'n structure, so since I want this to serve as a tool for the sharing of knowledge and perspectives, I'm going to put up a reading suggestion list for each month, starting in May. Of course, if you've already read the book and love it or hate it, even better, and if you don't get to read it, you can still contribute to the discussion if you're moved to do so.

This is how it will work: a book will be assigned to a month, and then it'll be discussed approximately one month later, although whoever finishes the book first or wants to begin the discussion can go ahead and make the first post. So for instance, A Canticle for Leibowitz will be the May book, and it will be discussed at roughly around the end of May / the beginning of June. And then in June we'll start the new book, etc. etc. If you make the first post, please put "[insert title here] discussion" as the subject. And that's all.

Here's the list for the next three months:

May '06- A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller, Jr.

June '06- Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

July '06- Domain by Steve Alten.

So, like, go to the library. Or find an online library. Or give Amazon $0.50 and get some great books for nothing and save some trees. Because I know you all care so much about that.
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